Wednesday, July 25, 2012

200mW Red Laser and 50mW Green Laser


A Video I made about two of my lasers, a 200mW Red (650nm), and a 50mW Green (532nm). 

The 200mW has an adjustable lens, allowing the size of the beam to be changed. This laser is a burning machine. It can start anything from paper, to hard plastic, to paint, smoking in just seconds. When focused, it is painful to look at on any white surface. It shoots about 2 miles into the night sky. It uses two CR2 batteries to operate.

The 50mW Green can't burn anything except for thin, plastic shopping bags, but it is incredibly bright and actually painful to look at when it is on the ground. The distance it shoots is about 2.5 miles at night, but sadly, it did not show up on film. It really is amazing when it is pointed at the night sky. It uses one CR2 battery to operate.

You can find the red laser at, or . I bought mine at O-Like, and they include free batteries and a charger, which is a very nice thing to have if you do not want to spend 10 dollars every week on new batteries. The price is about $40 at both sites.

My green laser I purchased at . They offer a 30mW, 50mW, or 100mW version of this laser, and many other kinds of lasers and products too. The price for the 50mW is roughly $35 depending on if you buy accessories with it.

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