Thursday, February 21, 2013

Clearance: Mini LCD Electronic Timer Count Up Down

Half Price clearance: Mini LCD Electronic Timer Count Up Down BR-721 
Useful gadgets for study time, hairdressing time, stew time, sun, edition time. Read maximum countdown capacity of 99 minutes 59 seconds. Use G13 type button battery.

Color options: most black color now, white color only two left.
coupon code: Half2204
Number avalible: 20, every account can use at more 5 times.
Code information: Half the price, minus $1.46, it's $1.5 with this coupon code. Enter the promo code on the bottom of the page when check out. Choose free shipping option is fine.
Get it here: $2.96

Giveaway week: Feb 7 to Feb 24
More giveaways, promotions, deals coming!!

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