Monday, May 27, 2013

CHUNGHOP Universal Learning Remote Control RM-L7

CHUNGHOP Universal Learning Remote Control RM-L7
Adopts digital circulation learning technology, which makes the learning fast and accurate.
Provides 1 pages (total 7 keys)for learning, with the liberty combination of function keys.
Learn multiple home appliance reomtes to this remote directly.
Easy to learn, to select, and simple for usage.
Permanent memory retention.
Special for infrared remotes.
Ideal choice for a multiple usage of your home appliances.
Demonstration for Use: 
To combinate all the favorate keys of different home appliances remote controls to one remote, bring you an easy life.
Precautions for Use: 
To make sure the key made a successfully copy during the setting. If not, please recopy the function.
Only for infrar remote control.
Few special carrier wave infrared remote control may not be useful, or repetitious setting needed.
Technical Parameter: 
Control distance: Approximately 8 meters, depending on the home electric appliances
Batteries: DC 3V 2*AAA LR03 1.5V (not included)
Battery Life: Approximately 12 months
Battery Installation: 
Remove the battery compartment cover. Insert two new AAA batteries(not included with RM-L7)into the battery compartment.
Connect the positive and the negative nodes of the batteries to the corresponding nodes in the battery compartment.
Warm Tips: 
New and old batteries should not be used together. Batteries of different sizes should not be used together.
If battery leakage occurs, you must remove the batteries and clean the battery compartment before inserting new batteries.
Please remove the batteries from the battery compartment if RM-L7 is not used for a long period of time.
There is no need to re-set this remote control after the batteries' replacement.

90*53*27mm, or 3.54*2.09*1.06in
Net Weight:
35g, or 1.83oz

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