Sunday, June 16, 2013

82mm Fader ND Neutral Density Lens Filter ND16

82mm Fader ND Neutral Density Lens Filter ND16

A Neutral Density filter or ND filter is a "grey" filter,
it reduces the amount of light reaching the film or sensor
An ideal neutral density filter reduces light of all wavelengths or colors equally.
So it has no effect on color balance.
The purpose of standard photographic neutral density filter is to allow the photographer greater flexibility to
change the aperture or exposure time, allowing for more control, particularly in extreme circumstances
This filter can be used to prevent overexposure even when using a slow shutter speed.For example, when you use a slow shutter speed to capture a bright moving object, such as a waterfall, a traffic stream, this filter is your best choice.Besides,A ND filter can be used in Macro photography to isolate the subject.Even use a larger aperture or shallow depth of field 
Different neutral densities have different effects
ND-2:Cut 1 aperture and 50% amount of light
ND-4:Cut 2 aperture and 75% amount of light
ND-8:Cut 3 aperture and 87.5% amount of light
ND-16:Cut 4 aperture 
ND-32:Cut 5 aperture and more
You can use the filter individually or in any combination to meet your demand.
Package Including
1 * 82mm Fader ND Neutral Density Lens Filter ND16

$42.46 to $38 for 10+ pcs, wholesalers can ask for more discounts, product link:

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