Sunday, January 27, 2013

How to make money online with Budgetgadgets?

How to make money online with Budgetgadgets?
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Budgetgadgets has one 5% single affiliate porgram, would you please help us promote through referral links, when we get sales, we pay 5% commission, earn money online, affiliate information below (payment method: Paypal is needed): is located in ShenZhen, China.
budget gadgets made in china, free shipping world wide.

How affiliates works?
1) Sign up for your affiliate account
2) Choose a product on our website and create the product affiliate URL
3) Post your affiliate URL anywhere like(shopping sites, review sites, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blog, Forum, Digg, Stmbleupon, etc.)
4) Buyer visit our website via your affiliate URL, and place order(s) on our website
5) We handle the order, shipment, and billing. You earn the commission.
6) How to create a referral link: ,

1. Free to join. No startup or maintenance fees.
2. Earn 5% commission for any sales you generate for us.
3  Affiliate members are paid on Jan 15, April 15, July 15, Oct 15, and only when the account commission is more than 10$ ,   we will finish the payment on the  permanent date, or will have to wait till next time to have your account paid.

what budgetgadgets sell:
lasers, green laser, red laser, purple laser and stage laser; wristwatch, men watch and lady watch; iphone ipod accessories, case, cover, charger, stand, flash drive, light, lighter, fire starter, puzzle toys, kid toys, gifts, and so on.

BudgetGadgets have an affiliate program, which enable people to earn money. It's 5% commision of sales from the affiliates' referrals. Totally free program to register. Well, a paypal account is neccessary to register an account. You can find the program on the left middle place of any page. Also you can find it from the bottom of the page, on the right corner, there are "earn money" tag, followed by some programs including BG points program, review program, affiliate program, extended BG points program, and so on. Click the affiliate program hyperlink, followed by the page with more details about the affiliate program. Here you can find the frequently asked questions. Is the affiliate program free to be part? Yes, totally free.
How can I earn money? Post your ref link on some social networks. Like facebook, twitter, webs, blogger, metacafe, bizopper, classiefields free sites and so on.
How to find my refferal link? After you registered, when log in, the home page of the affiliate account is the summary of the your refferal information, something like how many clicks from your referral, how many sales, and the total sale amount, the commision rate, usually 5%, but sometimes the rate changes because of currency rate or some other reasons. The commision you earn, and how many was paid to your account. Here is the affiliate summary page:
The referral link is under the summary info, it's an affiliate link to the homepage. And you can also create a product ref link. For example, if you think a product pic is easier to get attention than a website banner, you can click on the left side, "create product link", then enter the product ID (every product have an ID number under the item title on the product page), create, it will show you a long html code. This is for product banner, you can copy part of the code, which includes the site link and your ref number, it should be like this, then post the ref link in your youtube descriptions or anywhere. If you dont' want others know this is a ref link, you can creat a google short link with your google account. Then post the referral link. Usually the owner will pay you by 3 months, because if the payment amount is too small, the transaction fee will seems higher. What's important is that I think this is almost the easist way to do a part time job, you needn't buy anything, needn't do anything, just register and post the refferal link. So, why not taking a look at the program, to earn some money?


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