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K-100es remote controll

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Multi-Functional Universal Air-Conditioner Remote Controller K-100E

K-100E Universal Air-Conditoner remote controller is the latest product. It can control over 100 different world fomous brands of Air-Conditons. It has great capacity and various functions. It is powerful enough for you to operate in a long distance. With its beautiful shape and working indicator, it is convenient for you to operate.

 Operating Instructions: 
Refer the CODE FORM and find the code number standing for the brand and power on your Air-conditioner by hand.
Repeat the press "Set" button several tiems the number you want flashing on the mode window.
Press"OK" button, the mode stop flashing. Set-up is finished. You can use the controller to control your Air-conditions.
Special Instructions: 
Using the remote control will not increase the functions of your Air-conditioner. For example: If your Air-conditioner does not have direction, the wind direction button on this control will not function with your Air-conditioner.
Ensure that your Air-conditioner receiver is working in order. If your Air-conditioner is not receiving it properly, it will not be able to function by this remote control.
Under normal conditions, batteries will last up to six months. If the remote control does not operate properly, the batteries night be weak. Do not mix different type os batteries together. Preferably use Alkaline Batteries for maximum performance.
If the electrolyte inside the battery compartment should leak, wipe the contaminated area of the battery compartment with a dry cloth and replace the old batteries with new ones. To prevent the electrolyte from leaking, remove the batteries when you plan not to use the remote control for a long period of time.
How to Install the Batteries: 
Slide open the battery compartment.
Insert two pcs size AAA batteries.
Close the battery compartment.
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