Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Websites Have Free Traffic to Your site Marketing

Surfed and read the associateprograms forums, find this may be useful for me, so update a post to look back and check out.
1. Twitter - the best Social media communication website.
2. Stumble - the best social bookmarking website
3 Digg - it is not as good as it used to be before, but still very good.
4. Facebook - nice way to bring continuous traffic on your website
5. Traffup - Not just bring massive free traffic, but also free twitter followers and retweets.
6. Linked In- Great for niche marketing
7. Reddit - it is not as good as stumble, but sometimes bring amazing traffic.
8. Hubpages - Great way to get continuous traffic and backlinks.
9. Youtube - Create an attractive video of your website and promote it virally (if you are lucky)
10. Ycombinator - Good bookmarking website.
11 pinterest
12 Google+
13. Badoo
14. Tagged
15. DeviantArt
16. Myspace
17. Tumbler
18. friendster
19. Xing

its all about building backlinks to your website. find websites that are relevant to your site and exchange links with them. all you have to send them an email and ask. Article directories (ezinearticles, go articles, amazines, )
squidoo.com, hubpages.com, mylot.com .
Write informative articles and submit them to http://www.ezinearticles.com
Have you thought of submitting your site to Google directly. You can do it here...

Search Engine Optimization helps. Remember to do On-Page Optimization (title tags, meta tags, alt tags, keywords, description, keywords and heading tags) first then next is Off-Page

Optimization (social bookmarking, article and directory submission, link exchange, press release, online groups, blog commenting and forum posting).

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